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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves & quality services that we provide. We here at GRAND EXPRESS LIQUOR & GROCERIES know that there are 2 kinds of service i.e. the kind of service “YOU WANT” and the kind of service “YOU GET”. We are able to combine the 2 making sure that “WHAT YOU WANT IS WHAT YOU GET.” here at GRAND EXPRESS. We also provide Oakland Money Transfer Service & Oakland bill payment. Other services include California lottery, Lotto, grocery outlet, wine shop, liquor stores, and grocery stores.

opening time of Oakland Liquor Stores Opening Time: 6am to 2am 7 days a week
Grand Express has good parking areas With Good Parking Area

Oakland Money Transfer Service:

Shopping at Grand Express market is truly wonderful experience. Keeping your ease at center the store has extended the facility of money transfer, money order and ATM service inside the store.

MoneyGram International Money Transfer:

Money transfer is a cashless mode of payment or payment system. It is an electronic transfer of money from one place to another or from one person to another party through MoneyGram network.

This facility in the store will make your shopping easy. You can collect the transferred cash from a MoneyGram network at the store and make the payment for the purchased items.

Besides shopping payment, if you want to collect the cash transferred by other party, then the store is right place to collect the cash.

Similarly, the facility of money order at the store will reduce the risk of carrying cash. This small piece of paper with the name of money receiver and specific cash will give you stress free experience of shopping. This is best if you do not have bank account.

Moreover, the facility of ATM at the store will make your payment easier. Just swipe a card (debit/credit) and collect the required cash. The swipe machine at the store will also help you a lot.

Why Oakland Money Transfer Service?

  • Collect the cash transferred by another party.
  • Quick mode of payment
  • Reduce the risk of cash carrying
  • Not allows you to be extravagant
  • 20X7 (6am to 2am) open
  • Spacious parking space