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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves & quality services that we provide. We here at GRAND EXPRESS LIQUOR & GROCERIES know that there are 2 kinds of service i.e. the kind of service “YOU WANT” and the kind of service “YOU GET”. We are able to combine the 2 making sure that “WHAT YOU WANT IS WHAT YOU GET.” here at GRAND EXPRESS. We also provide Oakland Money Transfer Service & Oakland bill payment. Other services include California lottery, Lotto, grocery outlet, wine shop, liquor stores, and grocery stores.

opening time of Oakland Liquor Stores Opening Time: 6am to 2am 7 days a week
Grand Express has good parking areas With Good Parking Area

Oakland California Lottery Service:

Lottery is all about probability of occurrence or happening. But the other aspect of lottery is associated with fun, thrill and excitement. Grand Express market has been extending the service of lottery—The California Lotto—which will surely add spicy flavor in your shopping experience.

Well, we are here to multiply your excitement—shop and win. Just imagine the situation when you get in the store with few dollars and leave it pocketing millions! Yes, this is fact because the California Super Lotto jackpot ranges from $193 to seven million.

Moreover, playing California Super Lotto Plus in Grand Express market is a great fun with thrill and excitement. It changes your mood. The chances of winning will release all of your stresses. The moment when the jackpot winner is announced (number) is truly ecstatic. The heart beats faster and you bite your nail at this time around. The atmosphere of the store is electrifying as many customers share their excitement at once and the lucky winner somewhere exclaims: YES, YES, YES….

In other words, shopping in Grand Express can be a matter of life changing. A single moment is more than enough to make you millionaire. And, what could be more interesting than this—shop, enjoy and get rich.

Why shop at Grand Express market ?

  • Enjoy the mood with the chances of winning
  • Deals with large varieties of grocery items
  • Fresh and healthy food
  • Competitive price
  • Clean and hygiene
  • Friendly environment for kids
  • 20X7 (6 am to 2 am) open
  • Spacious parking