You Are What You Eat


Shopping at a grocery store is a fun and shopping your daily needs at Grand Express is fun unlimited. The store is one of the best shopping destinations of the people of Oakland especially, for mothers.


We deal with varieties of things in the store. Vegetables and fruits are one of them. Healthy mothers who are concerned about health of their family always take out time from their busy schedule and visit our store to buy healthy vegetables and fruits as we deal with fresh and healthy farm produce.

Here below we highlight some of the tips regarding the selection of vegetables and fruits:

Select small fruits and vegetables:

It is better to select small fruits and vegetables as they tend to be sweeter in comparison to larger ones. Normally, smaller fruits and vegetables have thin skin and few seeds.

Economy is with smaller ones:

Nothing is bad with the selection of big produce but choosing small turn out to be wise act at last. As stated earlier, smaller produce are more juicy and sweeter in comparison to bigger one but there is one more advantage with small produce. You will have option to select required quantity while cooking whereas larger produce does not give this option due to which you will cook more food at last.

Go with compact weight:

It is our normal tendency with fruits that we select the good looking one. We suggest you to pick the heavier ones as they are juicer. Moreover, it is better to select cracked skin fruit. It (cracked skin) means the fruit has got enough water to crack the skin so, it is juicier.

Color can deceive sometime:

Color of the fruits is associated with our subconscious mind. Red or yellow means ripen. But this is not always true. Even green looking fruits are juicier than red or yellow skin.

Aforementioned statement is true but is not applicable for every category of fruits. For example, it is better to select pineapple with yellow base than green skin. Similarly, do not forget to check the yellow spot in watermelon. Well ripen watermelon has yellow spot. Purchase the coconut after hearing sloshing of the water.

Furthermore, do not hesitate to smell the selected fruit. Ripe fruits smell strong. Smelling fruit is a kind of technique so smell at the bottom.

Act wisely while selecting vegetables:

Choose firm onion with little or no smell. Scented onion means less firm and less crunchy. Just like mangoes, color is no big issue with snow peas and snap peas. Similarly, select compact and dark broccoli. Choose leafy vegetables with thick and firm stalks as they are the sign of freshness. Select root vegetables with attached top. Dry root vegetables are not good option. In addition, to test the freshness of potatoes just rub its skin with your thumb nail. If it is peeled easily then it is fresh.

We hope the tips are beneficial for you. So, from next time apply aforementioned techniques while purchasing vegetables and fruits. We bet you will enjoy the shopping!

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