Wine: A Toast to Your Health


Wine culture is an integral part of today’s modern world. It is a symbol of satisfactory lifestyle where people share happiness with a glass of toast. Wine is mandatory in many cultures. It is one of the sources of nutrition triggering healthy life.

The history of wine is pretty interesting. As per archaeological evidence, 8000 year old wine jars were found in Georgia, Caucasus then. Similarly, Iran and Armenia was also ahead in producing wine then. Around 7000 years old wine jars with wine traces were found in Persia, now Iran. As per evidence, Areni-1 winery of Armenia is regarded as first winery. It was established more than 6,100 years ago.

According to wine researchers, this alcoholic drink arrived in Balkans in around 4500 BC and from here it reached Greece and Rome and spreading everywhere later. Phoenicians were the people behind the introduction of wine to the western world.

Winam—Proto Germanic word—is a root word for English word wine though there is still a huge debate going on over it. Greek coined a word called Me-tu-wo ne-wo which means “in the month” or “festival of the new wine”. Similarly, the word wo-no-wa-ti-si refers “wine garden”.

From aforementioned Greek meaning, one thing is clear that wine is something that is opened in the festive season to make the mood. Probably, due to this reason people of today’s world do not forget to break the wine in auspicious occasions like Christmas, New Year Eve, New Year, birthday, wedding or so forth. Hence, one thing for sure is that wine is directly associated with the feelings of the people especially, fine mood.

There are various types of wines found in market these days among them commonly popular are Red and White wine.

Red wine is more popular than white because it contains health benefiting nutrients. Red wine is made of red grapes and in the process of grapes fermentation its skin is not removed. The skin of grapes are prominent behind its color. Red wine benefits your heart and this is because high levels of antioxidants are found in the skin of the grapes.

Some of the common benefits of red wine are:

  • The presence of melatonin in red wine is the cause behind your peaceful sleep
  • Red wine is also responsible for lowering cholesterol
  • It helps your skin glow as it consists of high level of antioxidants
  • Regular consumption of red wine will increase you life span
  • It prevents cold
  • Component called guercetin in red wine can prevent lungs cancer. It is also responsible for lowering the risk of breast cancer.
  • It regulates blood sugar level and strengthen teeth

White wine, on the other hand, consists of low level of congeners and due to this the chances of hangover after consuming white wine is less. Congeners are responsible for hangover. Apart from antioxidant, white wine contains phosphorus, potassium, and fluoride which are good for health.

So, why not drink? After all, mannerly drinking benefits your health. Hence, a toast in the name of benefits of wine—cheers!!

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