Sweet Side of Chocolate


Chocolate is sweet. Generally, it is made by processing Theobroma cacao (food of the gods) seeds. The chocolates available in the market are in the form of bar, paste or liquid at present. Various ingredients are used in the chocolates to enhance its tastes.

The origin of chocolate is linked with ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations—more than 3000 years back—in Central America. Cocoa was introduced to Spanish people by Aztec in the 16th century and they (Spaniards) took it to Europe. It was regarded as rich people food earlier because chocolate was very expensive then. European people used to drink chocolate until the technique for making solid chocolate was devised in early Victorian age.


The chocolate that you are eating right now has various interesting facts as it has long history. Here below are some of the fascinating truths about chocolate:

  1. International Chocolate Day is observed on 7th July globally. People celebrate the day by consuming lots of chocolate on this day. It is remembered as a day when chocolate was introduced in Europe for the first time. The year 2016/07/07 marked 466 years of introduction of chocolate in Europe.
  2. The US, on the other hand, marks International Chocolate Day on 13th The day is the birthday of Milton S. Hershey—an American confectioner who founded The Hershey Chocolate Company in 1894.
  3. The first chocolate bar was made by English chocolate company called Cadbury in 1842.
  4. African continent supplies around 70 per cent of cacao to the world whereas Cote d’lvoire alone produces around 40 per cent of world’s supply.
  5. Around 50 million people of the world depend on cacao farming as all of their agric-products are purchased by chocolate industries. Around four million cacao beans are produced in a year.
  6. American chocolate company—Hersey—produces more than 70 million chocolate Kisses each day. When the machine deposits the chocolate on the conveyor belt then it makes a sound that is similar to kissing and due to this Hershey’s Kisses have its name.
  7. It is predicted that the global chocolate market will witness the business of around a trillion (USD) in the year 2017.
  8. Around 400 cacao beans are required to make a pound of chocolate.
  9. Dark chocolate benefits human health whereas white chocolate does not.
  10. Reports revealed that people in depression eat around 55 Per cent more chocolate than non-depressed.
  11. Around 70 per cent of people reveal their passwords in exchange of chocolate bar, as per 2004 study in London.
  12. Nazis attempted to kill Sir Winston Churchill by exploding a chocolate bar then.
  13. Soldiers were sometimes paid in chocolate during Revolutionary War.
  14. Chocolate is far better than kisses. It arouses a kind of sensual feelings.
  15. Swiss are fond of chocolates. A Swiss eats around 22 pounds chocolate per year. Similarly, Australian and Irish eats 20 and 19 pounds per person per year, respectively. The US claims 11th An average American consumes 12 pounds every year.

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