Grocery Shopping With Kids


Shopping with kids can be disastrous and most mothers generally tend to avoid taking them to the stores. Grocery shopping is one of the tasks that have to be done regularly. And, the key to make most of your grocery trip is to understand your kid’s behavior. You will be facing so many potential pitfalls like meltdowns, lost children and spilled foods as well as comments from other shoppers. Therefore, it will be easier if you plan ahead before shopping with kids. Here are the quick tips on going for grocery shopping with kids.


Proper Time

Taking your child while they are hungry is the perfect recipe for disaster. It can be troublesome to take your child in a crowded store which does have a long checkout lines. Therefore, it will be best if you go in the morning, after dinner or early afternoon when stores tends to be quieter.


Get Organized

Shopping with children won’t be like the time you have done before such as wandering the hallway of a grocery store looking for the new goods to try. Small children are very impatient to shop this way. Instead, make a list of the items you need when you are headed to the grocery store with your family. Moreover, take the advantage of shopping at the same store all the time. It will be easy to list your groceries in the order you find them in the store. Also, make sure you have organized your list by food types to ensure that you won’t be running throughout your trip.


Feed Them Well

No one can be disastrous than hungry kids; they will be like sobbing, crying and begging you to buy everything they see. Make sure your child is properly fed or you can let them eat in the store so that they can be engaged for few minutes. If your child is very young, prepare a bag with snacks and let them eat while you are shopping.


Let Them Choose

Including them in the shopping and asking them for help usually means they’ll be excited about grocery shopping and this will keep them from getting bored and looking for mischief. Let them choose from a specific section of the store, whether it be the fruit, the bakery or the dried grains. This may end up sparking your child’s interest in food which will help them lead to a lifelong interest in healthful eating and cooking. Another way of making them feel like they are on same team, let them load some stuffs or push the trolley.


Play Games

You can try some games to keep them attentive and interested in the trip. You can bring tablet for your little ones or try some spelling games with children who are learning to read. Or you can play simple games like hide and seek in the store.


Come Prepared

There are plenty of ways to make grocery shopping fun. Make sure you come prepared for the inevitable diaper blowout or toddler meltdown. Sometimes, despite preparation, it will be very struggling to shop with small children, so take them outside for a few moments. A quick change of scenery can sometime help regain their control.


Have you tried shopping with toddlers before? Share your experience with us,or you can advise any additional tips in the comments below.

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