Grocery Shopping with Kids: An Awesome Experience


Mothers of all kids, ATTENTION! This blog is dedicated to mothers of all kids who are thinking for grocery shopping with their kids.

Kids are wonderful creatures of nature, no doubt. And, kids are master in creating completely new type of unexpected trouble to their parents, no doubt. In short, they are a packet of surprises triggering shock to their parents especially, mothers.

There are many mothers who do not like to take their kids for grocery shopping as their (kids’) innocent activities in the store sometime turn out to be costly leading up to unnecessary compensation to the store.


This is the way they are and it is of the reasons we love them. Do you think I am exaggerating? No, not at all. Just ask yourself why did you like Kevin McCallister (main character in the movie Home Alone)?

Despite the fact you do not need to be stressed while shopping at grocery store with your innocent beloved ones. Just follow the few tips here below and make your shopping a matter of enjoyment and learning with your kids.

Get your child engaged in the store:

This is the best way to keep your kid busy in the store as engaged child will have no time to create mess in the store. Make a shopping list for them (if the young one can perform the duty) and ask to check the things of their requirement. But do not forget to keep eyes on them because engaging them is just a technique not guaranteed tool to keep them off the paddle of surprises.

Real world to learn:

Grocery store is one of the best places to teach mathematics to your kid. Ask them to count the number of various things placed in store like oranges, chocolates and so on. You can also teach them mathematics solution like addition and subtraction here. Ask them to read the lists while walking.

Be efficient—spend least time in the store:

When you are in the store with kids, be efficient and try to get your job done effectively in least possible time. Flirting with manager or comparing goods for long time means challenging the patience of a child as young ones do not stay in one place for long time.

It is better to make a shopping list. This is best for hassle free shopping without missing the required items.

Shop at right time:

Make sure that your kids are well fed and rested before going for grocery shopping. Hungry child in grocery store means a trouble onset. It is suggested to take your child to park or playground before going for the shopping. This will release their physical energy leading them to relaxation.

Brief them regarding store manner:

Tell your kids where you are going and what kind of behavior you expect from them in the store. Tell them that you need their help in the course of shopping. Remind them about their behavior if they seem deviated from the expected manner. Bring them in frame by tempting with potential rewards after the shopping like lunch or movie.

Never forget to thank your child after shopping:

Extend thank to your child after exiting the grocery store. Thank them for their help and depicting expected manner in the store. Also congratulate them as they quickly learned addition and subtraction here.

After going through this blog do you think grocery shopping with kids is troublesome? No, it is a fun with lots of learning and enjoyment. Kids are wonderful creatures of the world but you lack the creativity to handle them.

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