Sweet Side of Chocolate


Chocolate is sweet. Generally, it is made by processing Theobroma cacao (food of the gods) seeds. The chocolates available in the market are in the form of bar, paste or liquid at present. Various ingredients are used in the chocolates to enhance its tastes.

The origin of chocolate is linked with ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations—more than 3000 years back—in Central America. Cocoa was introduced to Spanish people by Aztec in the 16th century and they (Spaniards) took it to Europe. It was regarded as rich people food earlier because chocolate was very expensive then. European people used to drink chocolate until the technique for making solid chocolate was devised in early Victorian age.

Wine: A Toast to Your Health


Wine culture is an integral part of today’s modern world. It is a symbol of satisfactory lifestyle where people share happiness with a glass of toast. Wine is mandatory in many cultures. It is one of the sources of nutrition triggering healthy life.

The history of wine is pretty interesting. As per archaeological evidence, 8000 year old wine jars were found in Georgia, Caucasus then. Similarly, Iran and Armenia was also ahead in producing wine then. Around 7000 years old wine jars with wine traces were found in Persia, now Iran. As per evidence, Areni-1 winery of Armenia is regarded as first winery. It was established more than 6,100 years ago.

How to win the Lottery?


Want to win the lottery? Winning a lottery is like a miracle to an individual. There is no way to predict the numbers that will come up in the lottery. You choose the numbers you want to play from a certain range. From drawing, winning numbers will be randomly selected from within the same range.

There are different tricks and tips that can really help you win the lottery.

Grocery Shopping With Kids


Shopping with kids can be disastrous and most mothers generally tend to avoid taking them to the stores. Grocery shopping is one of the tasks that have to be done regularly. And, the key to make most of your grocery trip is to understand your kid’s behavior. You will be facing so many potential pitfalls like meltdowns, lost children and spilled foods as well as comments from other shoppers. Therefore, it will be easier if you plan ahead before shopping with kids. 

Liver Function: 5 foods that support and adjust your liver health


Give your liver a re-crisp with these foods

On the off chance that your liver had an identity, it would be the classic type- A, dedicated overachiever. It’s a standout amongst the most complex organs in the body, in charge of separating around 1.5L of blood each moment and preparing and detoxify poisons, (for example, hormones, liquor and medications), and help with digestion system and energy generation.

Our liver can likewise be somewhat stubborn. It will keep on working (though, not exceptionally well) regardless of the possibility that 75 percent if it is diseased. It’s this stiff necked attitude that sees numerous individuals strolling around with less-than optimal liver function, frequently without figuring it out.

Wholefoods shopping guide


People always want to know what is in the food that they are buying. The ingredients and nutrition value that the food holds is very important. Thus, food that are close to their natural state have their own value and also the products made from whole foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fresh meats hold their own value too.

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When you eat whole food you will be eating them in their most nutritious form. They retain their fiber as well as other nutrients that get stripped away when processed.

People are always concerned what kinds of hidden ingredients are there in the food that they are buying. Here is what you need to know about including wholefoods into your diet.



Buttermilk is low in fat. The acidity of buttermilk gives it a longer refrigerator shelf life. Buttermilk can be found in the dairy section of a Grocery Store. Varieties of Buttermilk can be found, for example – cultured buttermilk, churned buttermilk and more.


These buttermilk cartons are available throughout the year and found in any grocery store where regular milk is sold.

How long is Buttermilk good for use?

According to the USDA, buttermilk lasts in a refrigerator for about two weeks. It can also be frozen for up to three months.