Mobile Payment: Future Of Cashless Transactions


Paying with cash and waiting for return change takes up too much of our time and get irritated dealing with it. So we pay with credit and debit cards while making purchases of goods and services. Well cash payments does it have a upsides like it can restrain your overspending and over-shopping culture as we have hard time parting wad of dollars with our hands. Risk of getting robbed when you have wad of dollars in pocket is high.

Sales Tricks That Get Customer & Store In Win-Win Position

customer attract

Certain business tricks are instrumentalized by convenient stores and supermarkets in order to increase their sales. They devise some psychological or other types of sales techniques triggering customers to purchase more and this is something that even customers love a lot. The strategies open up the customers as a result shopping experience turns out to be a matter of fun and enjoyment for them.

Lottery: From Past To Present


Lottery is multifaceted word that can be defined from three aspects—mathematical, psychological and economical.

Probability (a branch of mathematics) defines lottery as chances of happening or occurring. The psychological side of lottery delivers fun, thrill and excitement to lottery player. And economically, a lottery winner can be a millionaire in a blink.

Meditate Before Grocery Shopping


The way to healthy life begins from grocery store. Your choice for nutritional food in the store determines your health. It is our common experience that people or customers do not read all the food labels before purchasing it. Normally, they choose the products depending upon its packaging. The fact is they purchase the wrapper ignoring the content within and its nutritious value.