Sales Tricks That Get Customer & Store In Win-Win Position

customer attract

Certain business tricks are instrumentalized by convenient stores and supermarkets in order to increase their sales. They devise some psychological or other types of sales techniques triggering customers to purchase more and this is something that even customers love a lot. The strategies open up the customers as a result shopping experience turns out to be a matter of fun and enjoyment for them.

Lottery: From Past To Present


Lottery is multifaceted word that can be defined from three aspects—mathematical, psychological and economical.

Probability (a branch of mathematics) defines lottery as chances of happening or occurring. The psychological side of lottery delivers fun, thrill and excitement to lottery player. And economically, a lottery winner can be a millionaire in a blink.

Meditate Before Grocery Shopping


The way to healthy life begins from grocery store. Your choice for nutritional food in the store determines your health. It is our common experience that people or customers do not read all the food labels before purchasing it. Normally, they choose the products depending upon its packaging. The fact is they purchase the wrapper ignoring the content within and its nutritious value.

Sweet Side of Chocolate


Chocolate is sweet. Generally, it is made by processing Theobroma cacao (food of the gods) seeds. The chocolates available in the market are in the form of bar, paste or liquid at present. Various ingredients are used in the chocolates to enhance its tastes.

The origin of chocolate is linked with ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations—more than 3000 years back—in Central America. Cocoa was introduced to Spanish people by Aztec in the 16th century and they (Spaniards) took it to Europe. It was regarded as rich people food earlier because chocolate was very expensive then. European people used to drink chocolate until the technique for making solid chocolate was devised in early Victorian age.

Wine: A Toast to Your Health


Wine culture is an integral part of today’s modern world. It is a symbol of satisfactory lifestyle where people share happiness with a glass of toast. Wine is mandatory in many cultures. It is one of the sources of nutrition triggering healthy life.

The history of wine is pretty interesting. As per archaeological evidence, 8000 year old wine jars were found in Georgia, Caucasus then. Similarly, Iran and Armenia was also ahead in producing wine then. Around 7000 years old wine jars with wine traces were found in Persia, now Iran. As per evidence, Areni-1 winery of Armenia is regarded as first winery. It was established more than 6,100 years ago.

How to win the Lottery?

How to win the Lottery

Want to win the lottery? Winning a lottery is like a miracle to an individual. There is no way to predict the numbers that will come up in the lottery. You choose the numbers you want to play from a certain range. From drawing, winning numbers will be randomly selected from within the same range.

There are different tricks and tips that can really help you win the lottery.